River City Villagers

Collectors' Club of Department 56 Villages


Wed. 12/2 6:30 PM Christmas Party
Sat. 1/2 All day Open House Tour

This year's tour features six home!  Tour is for members.  Please join now if you'd like to attend!

Wed. 2/3 10:00 AM Club Meeting

7:00 pm at Grady's BBQ on San Pedro.  We are currently looking for a new meeting location and will update location if we find a suitable place.

Wed. 4/7 7:00 PM Club Meeting

John and Don Mooring from The Christmas Store will be our special guests

Tue. 6/15 6:30 PM Ice Cream Social
Tue. 8/17 7:00 PM Pot Luck & Display Contest Club meeting at 7:00 pm at Sunset Funeral Home Reception Center at corner of Austin Hwy and Eisenhauer Rd. Display contest with $75, $50 and $25 cash prizes. Display must feature water somewhere in it. August Meeting is also a pot-luck. Club will... more
Thu. 10/7 6:30 AM Miss Cayce's Bus Trip

Bus Trip to Miss Cayce's in Midland.

Sun. 10/17 3:00 PM Oktoberfest in Austin

The Hill Country 56ers from Austin have invited us to join them for an Oktoberfest celebration.  We'll meet in front of the Hobby Lobby at 1:15 and caravan up to Austin.

Tue. 10/19 7:00 PM Club Meeting
Sat. 11/6 10:00 AM Retirement Party in Frederickburg

Join us at the Christmas Store in Fredericksburg for refreshments, prizes and more. Those wishing to carpool should meet at the park'n'ride under 1604 at 1-10 at 8:45 am.  We'll pull out at 9:00 am.

Tue. 12/7 7:00 PM Christmas Party

Christmas Party at Perico's Mexican Restaurant on Stone Oak Pkwy near 281.  7pm

Sat. 1/8 All day Open House Tour
Tue. 8/16 6:30 PM ICE CREAM SOCIAL

Join us for the Ice Cream Social at James and Sandy Bindseils' home at 6:30 pm on Aug 16.

Sat. 11/5 10:00 AM Retirement Party in Frederickburg
Thu. 12/1 6:30 PM Holiday Party

Meal is $16.50 which includes entree, salda, bread, drink, tax and tip.  Alcohol and dessert are extra.

Bring a $10-$15 wrapped gift if you wish to participate in the gift exchange.

Sat. 1/7 All day Open House Tour

See displays of some of our club members.

Tue. 2/21 7:00 PM Club Meeting 7:00 pm Chester's

Chester's on 281 and Thousand Oaks.

Meeting will feature Display Contest and Treasure Swap.

Tue. 6/19 7:00 PM ICE CREAM SOCIAL and BINGO

Join us for ice cream, bingo, and socializing at Rolling Oaks Baptist Church at 6401 Wenzel Road.  We'll have lots of ice cream and lots of prizes.

Tue. 8/21 7:00 PM Club Meeting

Learn to makes wreaths and center pieces.  Maybe even win won!   

Sat. 12/8 6:00 PM Holiday Party

Gift Exchange  - $15-20 gift.

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